• I live in Arkansas, only 15 minutes away from Memphis! But I LOVE to travel & will go wherever you want me to. 
  • My husband & I have 2 fur babies, Hyzer & Dax.
  • I've NEVER met a taco I didn't LOVE. Seriously, lengua (tongue) is my favorite
  • A few of my favorite shows to binge are Friends, Gilmore Girls, Bob's Burgers & New Girl! Seriously, I've rewatched each at least 6 times. They're my comfort shows
  • Key lime La Croix and cookies & cream ice cream make my world go round.
  • I guarantee I'm WAY older than you think I am
  • I love live music! Festival, coffee shop, arena. Doesn't matter, I'm there!

I’m definitely introverted & quiet at first. But huzzah, it's good for something! I know exactly how nerve wrecking it can be to get your picture taken. "Where do I look, what do I do with these hands, how do I walk again??"🤔 When you're in front of my camera, I will help you feel comfortable, direct and guide you, so you can have beautiful and natural looking photos. My job is to create images that reflect and embrace your individuality. Together we will create images that showcase your own unique style & personality. I promise it’ll be a great time! Nothing makes me happier than being a part of YOUR day and YOUR moments.

Okie dorie, let's do this!!