About Me

Hey, I’m Shira! But I'm sure you've figured that much out, you're smart. I live in Arkansas (only 15mins away from Memphis) with my main man & our super cute fur babies, Hyzer & Dax.

Now usually this is the part where I'd tell you all about how photography is my passion, that I've loved it since I was a kid & I wanted to create art..but I couldn't draw or paint. Yea all of that's true, but I won't give you my life story.

I will tell you that I love live music, walking down city streets at night after a good rain makes me feel nostalgic. I've never met a taco I didn't love & nearly lost my mind after finally seeing a llama in real life (I'm OBSESSED!). I love me some La Croix and cookies & cream ice cream is my jam 

I'd love to tell you this will be easy or that I'll make you feel at ease as soon as we meet, but I'm a tad bit introverted & quiet at first. I promise that by the end of it all, we'll be having a great time! Nothing makes me happier than being apart of your day! If something happens & you need to talk it out, I'm there! I'm a great listener & we'll get through it! 

Each person and family has their own style & personality, my job is to create images that reflect and embrace your individuality.

Trust me, I'll make sure you & your family look BOMB, because obviously y'all are! 

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